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Data Science Engineer
Data Science Engineer Rayong, Thailand 21-Jan-2020 791
Rayong, Thailand 21-Jan-2020
Energy Business Engineer (Mechanical) - Ratchaburi
Energy Business Engineer (Mechanical) - Ratchaburi Ratchaburi, Thailand 19-Jan-2020 1476
Ratchaburi, Thailand 19-Jan-2020
Compliance Specialist
Compliance Specialist Bangkok, Thailand 19-Jan-2020 1261
Bangkok, Thailand 19-Jan-2020
MIS-IT Officer
MIS-IT Officer Bangkok and Upcountry, Thailand 18-Jan-2020 1302
Bangkok and Upcountry, Thailand 18-Jan-2020
Field Operator (Rayong Olefins Co.,Ltd. - SCG Chemicals) ) Rayong, Thailand 17-Jan-2020
Rotating Equipment Reliability Engineer
Rotating Equipment Reliability Engineer Rayong, Thailand 16-Jan-2020 1016
Rayong, Thailand 16-Jan-2020
Marketing Executive
Marketing Executive Bangkok, Thailand 16-Jan-2020 1905
Bangkok, Thailand 16-Jan-2020
Data Scientist - Optimization (Packaging business)
Data Scientist - Optimization (Packaging business) Bangkok, Thailand 16-Jan-2020 1903
Bangkok, Thailand 16-Jan-2020
IT Consultant - Application Development
IT Consultant - Application Development Bangkok, Thailand 15-Jan-2020 881
Bangkok, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
HR Specialist - Kamphaeng Phet
HR Specialist - Kamphaeng Phet Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand 15-Jan-2020 1463
Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
HR Specialist - Samut Sakhon
HR Specialist - Samut Sakhon Samut Sakhon, Thailand 15-Jan-2020 1462
Samut Sakhon, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
Value Chain Deployment Manager
Value Chain Deployment Manager Bangkok and Upcountry, Thailand 15-Jan-2020 1465
Bangkok and Upcountry, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
Marketing Officer - Packaging Business
Marketing Officer - Packaging Business Bangkok, Thailand 15-Jan-2020 1464
Bangkok, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
Service Marketing Executive (Industrial Engineering) - Kanchanaburi based Kanchanaburi, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
IT Consultant
IT Consultant Bangkok, Thailand 15-Jan-2020 1862
Bangkok, Thailand 15-Jan-2020
OHS Operations Officer - Occupational Health and Safety
OHS Operations Officer - Occupational Health and Safety Ratchaburi, Thailand 11-Jan-2020 1450
Ratchaburi, Thailand 11-Jan-2020
Process Technology Engineer (SCG Chemicals)
Process Technology Engineer (SCG Chemicals) Rayong, Thailand 11-Jan-2020 815
Rayong, Thailand 11-Jan-2020
Production Engineer (Mechanical) - กาญจนบุรี
Production Engineer (Mechanical) - กาญจนบุรี Kanchanaburi, Thailand 11-Jan-2020 1458
Kanchanaburi, Thailand 11-Jan-2020
Environment Specialist (Packaging Business)
Environment Specialist (Packaging Business) Bangkok, Thailand 11-Jan-2020 1459
Bangkok, Thailand 11-Jan-2020
HR BP (Assistant Manager)
HR BP (Assistant Manager) Bangkok, Thailand 09-Jan-2020 1844
Bangkok, Thailand 09-Jan-2020
Lead Project Control Engineer - Overall Complex
Lead Project Control Engineer - Overall Complex Rayong, Thailand 08-Jan-2020 806
Rayong, Thailand 08-Jan-2020
Civil Engineer - Mortar
Civil Engineer - Mortar Bangkok, Thailand 07-Jan-2020 1546
Bangkok, Thailand 07-Jan-2020
Civil Engineer - Cement Casting
Civil Engineer - Cement Casting Bangkok and Upcountry, Thailand 07-Jan-2020 1544
Bangkok and Upcountry, Thailand 07-Jan-2020
Civil Solution Engineer
Civil Solution Engineer Bangkok, Thailand 07-Jan-2020 1545
Bangkok, Thailand 07-Jan-2020
Asset Digitization Engineer
Asset Digitization Engineer Rayong, Thailand 07-Jan-2020 808
Rayong, Thailand 07-Jan-2020